We know how painful it is to leave your dog at home while going on a vacation. Why not take this most faithful friend of yours with you so that he too can enjoy? If you are wondering how you can manage that, here are some useful tips with which you will find the venture easy and interesting.

1. Health Checkup

Before leaving for the travel, take your dog to North Shore vet services from Gordon Vet for example for a complete health checkup to ensure that your beloved pooch won’t have a health problem during travel.

2. Choose a Dog-friendly Holiday Destination

You will have to do a little research about whether the destination you have chosen is perfect for your dog. Not all accommodations accept pets. Therefore it’s advisable to call beforehand and inquire and ensure if your Fido can live happily there.

Make sure that the destination is 100% safe for your pooch. There should not be any dangerous objects around. Make sure that the area is cleared of small objects that your dog may gulp. Ensure your dog will enter a safe environment that is well prepared for him.

While researching about the destination, find out which dog diseases are prevalent there and accordingly set an appointment for dog vaccinations. Some countries or regions may have certain diseases prevalent and therefore it’s necessary to vaccinate your dog against those diseases.

3. Pack after Making a Checklist

If you realise that you have forgotten to take your dog’s food after arriving at your destination, it’s nothing more painful. So, pack your dog’s luggage carefully. The best way is to make a checklist well ahead of time and gather items which you don’t have. Some essential items are dog food, dog blankets, dog collars, dog bowls, dog IDs, dog waste bags, leashes, dog treats and a first aid kit.

4. Update Identification Tags

Your dog will obviously need a dog collar and his ID tag. Double check if the information is up to date. If you have recently moved or have changed your number, order a new updated tag immediately so that it should reach you before leaving.

5. While Travelling in a Car with Your Dog

If you will be travelling in a car with your Fido, it’s essential to keep him comfortable and safe. So, you will have to confine him. Smaller dogs can be contained safely in a sizeable dog carrier; make sure it’s well-ventilated. Big dogs can be contained in a larger dog crate.

If your vehicle is not big enough to carry a crate, consider a vehicle pet barrier which will keep your dog safe in the back.

However, keep in mind, never leave your dog unattended in the car. Temperatures can increase quickly in cars which is dangerous for dogs. While exiting your car, take your dog with you or have a trusted person to keep an eye on the dog while you are away.

6. Consider Buying an Airline Approved Dog Carrier

Airline companies don’t approve all dog carriers and also they have different rules for dog travel. If your pet is small-sized and fits in a small dog carrier and travels well in it, this is an ideal option. Don’t forget to carry treats, blankets, waste bags and travel bowl.

7. Play with Your Pet and Have Fun

Don’t forget to bring the favourite toys and treats of your dog. Remember to reward her often during the trip and praise and love your pet for good behaviour throughout the holiday. Keep aside some playtime for your pet, maybe in a safe dog park or in your host’s backyard. This will make the experience for your dog fun.

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