When you are moving across the country because of a job transfer, you may want to hire movers to load your possessions on a truck while you fly on an airplane to your destination. However, you may not want to take your dog or cat on an airplane. Fortunately, there are professional pet shipping services available to make sure that your animals receive the proper treatment during the relocation process.

Provide the Best Care For Pets During Transportation

There are stories about how animals were treated while on an airplane or other transportation system, and if you want to protect your cat or dog from an injury or illness, then you must find a company that focuses on the humane treatment of animals. You probably love your pets, and you will want the best care for an animal so that it isn’t frightened while it is in a strange place.

Protect Your Pet Throughout the Transportation Process

Some pet transportation companies use small containers for animals that don’t permit an animal to stand or move around, and on a long flight, this can lead to health problems that are similar to the types experienced by humans. In addition to having a safe carrier for a pet, you will want your animal to have enough food or water while traveling across the country.

Pets Are Treated Humanely During the Transportation Process

A professional pet transportation company will use larger kennels for animals, and these devices will have a soft bed for a dog or cat along with toys to play with. Instead of traveling in a cold area of an airplane or ship, your dog or cat will stay in a climate-controlled area to prevent conditions such as hypothermia or hyperthermia. Animals aren’t controlled with cruel devices such as muzzles or choke collars. A cat or dog will wear an ID tag to help people recognize your pet’s name and any medical issues.

Choose Safe Ground Shipping For Your Pet

Instead of having your pet transported on an airplane, you may prefer ground shipping. Some animals don’t feel comfortable on an airplane, and a distressed dog or cat can become ill. Transporting an animal across the country in a vehicle requires more time, but the individuals in charge of the process can provide additional services such as grooming and supervised walks.

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